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maxcdn coupon code
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Any website owner will tell that having a lot of traffic in your site is real beneficial in the long run. But, increase in site traffic is also counter-productive in that it slows your site’s speed and may cause your serves to crush. This is where the need for Content Delivery/Distribution Network providers comes in.
maxcdn coupon code
Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network (CDN in short) is network of geographically distributed servers which deliver cached content from websites to the websites’ visitors based on the geographic location of the visitors. In other words, CDN servers across the globe have a copy of your websites static content; therefore when a user logs into your website, CDN delivers your website content from the server nearest to the user. The key purpose of CDN is to increase the speed of the websites.
In matters concerning Content Delivery Network, MaxCDN is among the largest CDN providers with data centers in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. You may wonder why you should subscribe to MaxCDN when your site is doing just fine. Well, here are the benefits you are bound to get from MaxCDN;
due to the fact that all your website traffic is now dispersed to different servers all over the world, the login speed will be faster due geographic distribution of traffic. This also translates to more page views by each user. The optimization of traffic is beneficial due to the fact that it is the key determinant of revenue amassed from the site.
MaxCDN offers you the guidelines to integrate its platform into your wordpress through softwares such as Cache Enabler/Super Cache Plugin/ W3 Total Cache. This integration will improve the performance of MaxCDN on your integrated wordpress site.
the fact that faster sites tend to rank higher in search engines means that boosting your site’s speed will increase the overall SEO ranking of your site.
MaxCDN distributes your site’s traffic to various servers hence drastically reducing the amount of traffic load on your own servers. This translates to reduction of chances of your site crashing.
you will agree with me that any website that takes a century to load or keeps reloading generally puts you off. Therefore by making your site login-speed faster, MaxCDN improves the user experience on your website. Hence, most visitors will keep coming back and viewing more pages.
for any online service provider; having an efficient support system in place is very helpful to your clients. MaxCDN offers you just that, through its always available and well versed support team. Plus you don’t have to wait for a long duration to get the required assistance.
on top of all the said benefits, you get attractive subscription discount such as two free month service for subscribing to an annual plan. And other discounts on holidays’ subscription.
All in all, using MaxCDN optimizes your site’s speed and performance is a good deal due to financial gains resulting from increased traffic and more efficiency. You should give MaxCDN coupon a try to enjoy all the said benefits and much more.

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