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Long tail pro is a unique best-selling keyword research tool. There have have been emergence of several keyword wares but this has stood the test of time. Research shows that it is preferred and used by over seventy thousand marketers.

Long Tail Pro Discount Code

This software helps in monitoring ranking in various search engines and also helps in creating website traffic. It also helps in analyzing of competition and has superior speed compared to other software’s with the same function. Long tail pro is unique as it offers immediate refund of your money if you are not satisfied with the software. This software helps in finding phrases that have low competition hence can be ran be ranked higher.


Long tail pro offers great features including real time filtering, fetch missing data, analyzing of competition. This software helps in clearly analyzing of data and helps in identifying what words would help in ranking highest in the search engine. Moreover, it offers more flexibility with search results, has a brand new interface feature, add notes for keywords and deeper keywords results.

To add on all this features, long tail pro v3.0 has a feature that helps to check domain availability, monitors keywords rankings, searches multiple keywords at once, and uncovers several keywords in seconds. This software is a great tool for internet marketers as it has the greatest features as discussed above.


Long tail pro is easy to use software. The first step is ensuring that you target the right location. To fulfill this, ensure that through clicking the edit button next to the target location and ensure the name matches your target location. After saving the location, the next step is to come up with seed keywords, which would work best if you came up with five words for one product to get the best results.

After entering this next stage is generating the possible keyword. After this, the next step is to click on the local searches button and find the keywords causing traffic. After these steps are followed, it is important to evaluate the title and the competition rate before making a decision.


Long tail pro is has its pros and cons. Many pros have been discussed above, breakdown of some drawbacks is here.There is a delay in receiving the license code. If a user does not understand the search limit for the software, the users’ google ad word account risks being cancelled.

The name of software suggests otherwise as users think it will give long keywords, only to realize that the user specifies the number of keywords they want.

However, its price being so pocket friendly comparing it with the great speed makes the long tail pro the software to choose. Anytime you think of keyword research tool, think of long tail pro.

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